I have been learning this ART since childhood, from my father Shri Hosiar Singh & from College my "Guru Ji" Mr. Neeraj Goswami (Painter & Sculptor).

I am running my own Studio by the name of SINGHA STUDIO.


Done Bachelors & Master's in Fine Art from Delhi College of Art.

My Perception of Art -

As an artist, I always wanted to bring my work close and reachable to the common man. My painting should bring in change and arouse positivity in the viewer. As an artist, I want to bring the unnoticed elements of life around, as to the eyes of viewer. The elements of my paintings are very common and ordinary yet there is deep meaning & thinking involved making it more narrative & expressive. My paintings are part and parcel of my life, if laid together they gives a gist of my life. I want my work to speak more loudly then I can even shout. My paintings can speak thousands of languages, make more changes, meet more people, bring more smiles and bring people more close to their surroundings. Thus, I can help make people more humble and more human, then, they reflect to the world.

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